I need to stress that Reach for Life No Regrets does not believe in the sustainability of a hit-and-run program, hence our approach to adopt schools and invest for a longer period with regular visits to smaller groups. Secondly RFLNR is NOT a drug talk. This is a comprehensive program based on life skills whereby young people are empowered to deal with a changing society, equipping them with all the necessary skills needed to make sound choices.

All aspects of smoking, alcohol, sex and substance abuse are covered in this program as these are interrelated in a teenager's life. The BOUND curriculum looks intensely at the whole marketing strategy of the peer group and how each teenager needs to be in control when making choices, and where the "con" of fitting in, leads to the loss of individuality.

Reach for Life no Regrets invests into the teenager's future, helping them to focus on their dreams and their purpose. Emphasis is placed on how alcohol and drugs short circuit the completion of the set-up and leave the young person physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually bankrupt. There is NO focus on drug identification as this can easily result in drug 'advertising', but rather on the reality of the MESS. All information is well researched and all facts are evidence based. The program also deals with the big "Why" factor. Every "Why" is dealt with and their choices become
the alternatives as teenagers decide to be smart, to take a stand and to be prepared for all the "lies" out there.

This is a challenging task. The STAR dated 4 February 2008 stated that the pandemic was out of control and that every school in SA currently has a drug problem! The STAR of 28 February 2008 further stated that SA schools face serious challenges, which include violent crime, drug addiction, low educator morale, parental non-involvement and a general drop in standards. We cannot get rid of this mammoth problem but we can prepare the youth to become responsible while they become independent and to understand that every choice has long-term consequences.

Apart from passionate, relevant, dynamic, evidence based life coaching, RFLNR has the BOUND manual available for learners while implementing the program. The pupils are also expected to complete a workbook based on the program which can count towards their term mark.

I thank you for the enquiry into the work of this organisation and the difference we aim to make in the lives of young people to stand for the "right thing", aiming to accomplish their purpose. Our aim is for a moral revolution in every school we adopt.